Dan's Chocolate Fundraising

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Row of Bagged Truffles
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How It Works

Run a Dan's Truffle Pack Chocolate Fundraiser in just three easy steps:

1. Distribute our chocolate order forms to your students / group members / sales team.

2. Students sell truffle packs to family, friends, neighbors, and other community members. Customers place their orders, choosing from our seven delicious flavors. Each pack contains 17 truffles and is sold for $12. Sales team collect all cash and checks.

3. Parents / fundraiser coordinators collect orders and tally total earnings. Then, submit this form to place your final order.

Your final order will be shipped to you in about a week.

sample order form

Profit and Shipping

Your organization keeps 50% of all sales!

With a minimum order of 20 pouches, you'll get FREE ground shipping!
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